2-Minute Automatic Traffic Strategy

This one is so quick & easy that there is literally no excuse for not doing it right now! In time it will automatically generate a massive volume of traffic credits for something you do dozens of times a day. So the idea here is to set it up, actively work it for a while, and then pretty much forget about it... and just let the traffic keep coming.
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This is actually one of the oldest Viral Traffic strategies on the web, and if you can give me five minutes, I'll show you how you can set it up NOW for an endless supply of hands-free traffic. There's a simple trick to making it extra-effective, so stick with me until the end of this page.

This strategy uses a special Browser Start Pages that reward you with traffic exchange credits each time the page is viewed by you or anyone in your downline.

The idea is to set the Start Page as your Browser Home Page every time you... or your downline... open a new Browser Window, and you all earn credits, which show your page to other exchange members.

So you could get people looking at your offer without doing anything you weren't already doing. i.e., opening your browser!

It was very popular 15-20 years ago, but too many people abused it when the Auto-Surf programs first appeared, and most traffic exchanges soon dropped the feature.

These days, a few sites have developed effective anti-cheat measures, and it's making a comeback. It's still very effective hands-free advertising, so long as you work smart and do it right. In particular...

1. Don't try to cheat the system. You will be caught, and your account will be closed.

2. This strategy will generate plenty of traffic playing by the rules, so there's simply no need to risk it.

The setup is simple. You just set your Browser Home Page to a Start Page link. Right now, you might have it set to your preferred home page, or your web browser shows a search page with a list of your recent websites, etc.

The thing is, you can change it to show any page you want.

And if you change it to show a page from a StartPage Exchange, then every time you open a new tab, you earn credits that you can use to show your website to other users doing the same thing in their own browsers.

But Can That Really Create Loads of Traffic?

If it was you opening your browser a couple of dozen times a day, this wouldn't really amount to much, but there's a nice viral twist to all this.

You're rewarded with a percentage of your referrals' earnings, and their referrals' earnings... and so on... all the way down through 5 levels.

Here's how it stacks up on one of the StartPage Exchange sites we use...

TrafficG SuperStart Service chart showing potential website visitors from referral members' efforts.

In one way, those numbers are a bit conservative, especially the four referrals each for your referrals!

I'm well past 50 personal referrals, and now that I've made this strategy page freely available, some of my referrals are getting much bigger numbers too. Obviously, many will do a lot less, but it should even out over time.

Plus, when I started this, I was surprised to find that I was often opening 50-100 or more new tabs some days. Other days, not so much, and without a doubt, many of the people you refer will lose patience and turn it off.

I know I go through periods where I'll drop it... usually if I'm busy on a project and opening many new windows. Then the splash pages can start getting distracting, so I'll disable this.

But I keep it active on one of my other browsers, so I eventually have to use that one and remember to reactivate it on the main one.

So one suggestion I will make is, if you have more than one browser installed, set this up on all of them. You can always disable it on your main browser as required, and more importantly, even just a few open from everyone can keep this ticking over for all of us.

So you should expect bursts of activity that deliver many page views. And lulls where it goes quiet until you pick up a few new active referrals somewhere in your downline. And then, before you know it, you're off again!

With that in mind, you'll see that our approach aims to capitalize on the viral effect, so you won't ever be totally reliant on a few people doing all the work.

Instead, our goal is to bring in a modest flow of new people who will work it for a while and then hopefully leave it running in the background, even if it's only on a browser they don't use so often.

With 5 downline levels, that's all it takes to keep this strategy pumping visitor traffic through your pages.

So How Long Does It Take To See Results?

You will earn credits... and get visitors to your own page... the minute you open the Start Page in your browser.

Obviously, getting anything 5 levels deep takes time and effort, but if the work is one-off and the traffic is ongoing, you can afford to be patient.

If been at this a while, and my TrafficG network is reaching all the way down to the 4th level, but I honestly haven't done any active promotion since I set up this page and sent a bit of traffic to kick things off...

This has all been a slow burn... set it up, get on with other things, and return to a very nice surprise later on!

Activate The Bare-Bones Strategy In The Next 2-Minutes

If you're in a hurry, I'd encourage you to complete this Quick Implementation NOW... it will only take a couple of minutes and will run hands-free in the background forever...

1. Join TrafficG here, confirm your email, and log in.

2. Look for the StartPage Exchange link in the left-hand menu. Open that to get your SuperStart Referral Link and read the instructions for setting that link as your Browser Start Page.

3. Return to the TrafficG Member's Dashboard page and add your website(s). You'll need to add a brief description and select a category. These won't have much impact on our approach, so don't spend too long on it. Just make sure you click the Auto Assign Credits link to activate it.

Image shows how to autoassign TrafficG surfing credits.

To get things started, you'll need to set up a few promos using your SuperStart Referral Link. Put up some banners, add the link to your rotators, and add an email to your main autoresponder. You can also post something to your social media accounts or any other advertising channels you have set up.

You'll immediately start earning credits each time you open your browser. And as you bring in a few referrals, you'll earn a Sign-Up bonus for that as well, plus extra credits from their StartPage efforts... and even more again if they're active on the TrafficG exchange.

Get 4 Times The Traffic For a Little Extra Effort!

The numbers above only reflect one site. You can just as easily set your browser to open multiple pages... so it's no extra work to earn 4 times the credits if you join the following Start Page Exchange sites as well...

These all work much the same, though obviously, the banner programs earn you banner impressions rather than page views. Just remember, the real power of this strategy comes from the viral effect of everyone doing a little bit.

Don't expect this to work if you don't actively use it yourself... karma has a way of ensuring it doesn't work that way!

Turbo-Charge The Viral Effect

The key to ANY viral traffic strategy is to make it easy for your referrals to repeat the process and duplicate your efforts.

So that's what this page is all about...

1. Please Use This Page As Your Own!

You are encouraged to steal this page and make it your own. You can copy and paste everything into a new blog post or page! and then change my links to your own. You can rewrite this text if you want, but I honestly don't care if you use it word-for-word.

I want you to have whatever you need to implement this NOW.

2. Send Traffic To This Page!

Set up many links/banners/ads/posts to each of the four programs, BUT instead of sending people directly to those sites, send everyone to your copy of this page first. That way, you'll show them a super-useful strategy AND give them exactly what they need to implement it themselves.

They can repeat the process, make their own copy of this page, and show their own referrals how to do the same!

This one simple page is a game-changer. Instead of just telling people what it is and how it works... and hoping they'll work it all out... you're giving them everything they need to make it work.

You remove all excuses and demonstrate to your referrals just how easy it is to do it right now...

And the fact you've read this far is proof that it works!

You wouldn't still be here if you didn't see the potential and know you could set this up completely, all in the next few minutes, and reap the rewards forever... so enough procrastination already... Click Here To Get Started!

In case you missed it... the banner at the top of the page is for one of these sites... and they'll give you 5000 banner impressions to get you started! We also add a couple of exchange banners below that earn extra credits each time this page is viewed.

Banners are a great way to Feed this viral system, so once you've set up your copy of this page, add a banner for each of these 4 Start Page sites to the various exchanges but make sure you point the traffic to your copy of this page.

If you also set up a few initial promos to get things rolling, the banner credits can keep this ticking over on full-auto for years!

Results Follow Action!

This strategy works when you do some one-time work to set it up.
It's all about Duplication, so it only works if you show your own people how to use it too. So I'm giving you two easy options for that...

Please Steal This Page!

Just copy and paste the entire page into a new page on your website or blog. Make sure you change the links to use your own referral IDs. Tweak the text if you want. Or use it word for word.

I'm fine either way as long as you get this done ASAP!

Just remember to tell your visitors that they can do the same!

That's how you go from signing up a few affiliates here and there, to building a team and growing a powerful & profitable network.

That's the difference between a couple of bucks a month in random commissions and a substantial ever-increasing hands-free income.

Or Do You Prefer DFY

If you prefer plug-and-play, then it all gets even easier.

This is just one of the many Pro Marketing Pages that comes with the EzHitzs Perpetual Traffic Machine. Set them up once and watch EVERYTHING grow... your traffic, your referrals, your commissions.... without all the mindless traffic surfing, ad clicking or email reading.

I gave all that up when I joined EzHitzs and the fact you're here reading this is proof that these Automated Traffic Systems work... without all that busy-work.

So if you're sick of constantly chasing random one-time visitors, and if you'd rather be working on growing your business... and you're not afraid of a little work... make sure you Check out EzHitzs:

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